our role:

Art Direction
Web Design
Shopify Development


Aviva Flow is a series of specially designed exercises that help the body to rebalance itself by triggering a woman’s natural hormonal flow and the body’s own self-healing process. The founder believes that there are too few natural alternatives for women looking to promote their own fertility, and even fewer natural alternatives that are time-tested. Aviva Flow brings the Aviva Method to the women of Los Angeles.


Bold meets feminine — with daring pops of color.

UI kit:

They needed a visual refresh, greater flexibility for their content, and a website they can invest more time in scaling rather than fixing.


The largest challenge going into this project for our team was scope, so we had to be incredibly resourceful with where we focused our time.

With that in mind, we agreed the priority was to focus on basic core ecommerce features that we knew would meet their needs.