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Art Direction
Web Design
Shopify Development


Aviva Flow is a series of specially designed exercises that help the body to rebalance itself by triggering a woman’s natural hormonal flow and the body’s own self-healing process. The founder believes that there are too few natural alternatives for women looking to promote their own fertility, and even fewer natural alternatives that are time-tested. Aviva Flow brings the Aviva Method to the women of Los Angeles.


Bold meets feminine - with rich yet calming colors

UI kit:

Finding a way to educate visitors about what Aviva Flow is and who it’s for in an approachable and easy to understand way. Create a balance of beauty and information around hormone balancing and infertility.


The floral brand mark was inspired by Hungarian folk art, a nod to the founder of the Aviva Method’s home country. Content was created to exude femininity and show the connectivity between women and nature. The brand copy was developed to be informative and clear, remembering that fertility is a complex and emotional issue for women.