our role:

Logo Design
Packaging Design
Print Design
Art Direction
Web Design
Shopify Development


Twig+Petal is a line of essential oils that goes beyond organic. Their handcrafted, small batch products are 100% pure and naturally concentrated to deliver the most powerful wellness and healing benefits–just as Mother Nature intended.


A neutral base with soft colors for each line of products.


At the time of launch, essential oils were just becoming mainstream. The brand launched with over 200 SKUs across six product categories so differentiating each product category while retaining a sense of cohesion across packaging design and copy was key.


The brand needed to feel honest, approachable, and welcoming to new users of essential oils. Typography and design was intentionally kept from being too “Earth Mother” and instead we aimed to present essential oils in a modern way. Building trust in the efficacy and powers of essential oils through copy was a priority.