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Jessica Tingley is a nature photographer with a mission. Through the sale of her photographs, she is creating and expanding awareness about the plight of endangered animals and environments. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, one hundred percent of all net proceeds go directly to those on the ground protecting these endangered species.


Traditional safari meets feminine luxury


Find a balance between the femininity of Beholdher and the natural aesthetic in Jessica’s photography. Showcase a wide variety of subjects and locations while retaining a sense of cohesion.


The intention of the branding process was to develop an identity that complimented Jessica’s beautiful photography and differentiated her in a traditionally male-dominated industry. The floral, circular logo is both earthy and feminine. The color palette was inspired by traditional safari aesthetics with a sense of feminine luxury being communicated with the addition of gold and blush. Staying true to Jessica’s roots in the beauty industry, the typography was inspired by the fashion and beauty space. Visual content is the centerpiece of her brand, so the digital experience was built to give her photography maximum impact. Photographs were tagged so that users can sort by species or location.